A Letter from the Artist ~

A recently retired art teacher having taught high school level classes for 32 years I have begun painting again for my own pleasure. The pieces before you today are a body of work created since last fall, included are a few from summers past. My inspiration comes from the playful boldness in the highly reflected work of Janet Fish and the colorful commonplace objects of Wayne Theibaud. Painting is now a daily ritual creating a work in landscape, fruits, vegetables or everyday objects that fill my home. The beauty in simplicity of these subjects, color, textures, lighting and forms can be challenging as I work to capture their essence. The meditative process of mixing, matching and layering colorful glazes to build the depth of each form and drying time can be challenging and time consuming. I love the challenges that come with making each piece. I hope you find lasting enjoyment with my work as I had making it.

~Elizabeth A. Sprout~