January Artist of the Month

Artist – Sandy Babuka

January, 2024

So, this is what I do. I love to explore and adventure, and live my best life.

My first year as a driver/nature guide in Denali National Park, I experienced a young, sub-adult bear that was shunned (by mom) in early spring – to fend for itself. Bear was about 3 years old. His story of adventure and struggles was much like mine…and so we are writing a book. Someday you will see this book published – “Where’s Backpack Bear.”

Since then (2016), I have “worked” in this 6 million acre National Park and enjoy the cold, rain, snow, slush, smoke, heat, beauty and thrills of everything a natural environment can give us. There is certainly never a dull day. I drive a green bus, not a tan. This just means that it cost less money and I’m not suppose to talk. Well, you’ll have to come to test that theory. I take these photos with my cell phone, not a fancy one, but one that is quick and does the trick as the animals don’t stop and wait for that kodak moment.

Previous to Denali, I had multiple – wonderful jobs. Mostly environmentally focused. I was the second (decades ago) Recycling, Environmental Education, and Solid Waste Director for my County in Pa. I helped write the Environmental Education Program for the state and County.  Today’s recycling programs still have many challenges for lack of understanding. I will never give up the challenge.

From there, I have adventured into many multi-careers, such as: Real Estate, Environmental Science Instructor, Solar and Wind Energy, Career training and Workforce Development, Advertising Director, etc.

My motto has always been “No two days alike,” which just means – never let yourself  be bored. As a child I drew, did oil paintings, and created things. There is so much to do and world to explore, but mostly, to learn about. Doing it first-hand just makes it all sweeter.

I presently live in Brooktondale, NY with my significant other and my kitty, Twigs. My three, wonderful children are all grown up and have shared their children with me. I have 5 awesome grandchildren.

November Artist – Nicholas Down

Artist – Nicholas Down

November 3, 2023

Born in Uganda and raised in East Africa, Nicholas Down worked as a physician in England for 32 years before retiring in 2012 and emigrating to the USA where he has settled with his wife Judy in Dryden, New York. Down’s wife Judy is a Massage Therapist in private practice and at Cornell University. She is also a published author and has had distinguished career as an actress, including appearances on  Broadway and a National Tour of Les Miserables.
Many of Down’s paintings are abstract landscapes with his palette dictated by the nature of the landscape. Hot, bright colors are not uncommon, which Down ascribes to his attraction to the American Southwest rather than his African youth. His father was in the British Foreign Service until the revolution that made Tanganyika into Tanzania ended his career, and the family left Africa when Down was 12 years old. He has not returned.
Down attributes the vibrancy of his colors in part to the high quality of his pigments. “I get some from De Kat, the only wind driven mill in the world that grinds pigments from stone: other suppliers are Vasari, Michael Harding and Old Holland. I believe that the quality of pigments I use is vital. I use Ampersand Gesso panels, mounted on birchwood frames and these allow a translucent light to permeate my work.”
“The paintings are composites of many images; they are expressions of internalized images, often inspired by direct observation or photography, but seek to express the invisible…”

He counts his influences among the Abstract Expressionists – Pollock, Gorky, de Kooning – but in his exploration of the nuance of light he goes back to the Impressionists and Turner.
Not all of his paintings are inspired by landscapes. Another theme he refers to as “biomorphic.” These images can be inspired by music – his mother was trained at the Royal Academy – and he will give a biomorphic shape to an abstract idea.
“I don’t make any drawings beforehand,” he said. “The painting evolves from the first marks that I make. I once had a commission to make eight canvases that would tell a story. I was listening to Liszt, put a huge charcoal mark on the canvas and went from there. I love the physicality of painting at a large scale.”
In the United Kingdom Down lived in Scotland and south of London, but he loves the landscape around Ithaca. “The winter is incredible,” he said. “I love the nuance of grays, from slate to a bluey-gray, but I haven’t worked it into my paintings yet. I love the sky here; it’s always changing.”
Down also makes films but has not yet begun to distribute them. He is still working on procuring licensing fees. His film work he said is, “a celebration of landscape and stills.”
Down joined the Greater Ithaca Art Trail earlier in 2013 and is the only painter located in Dryden. He lives right in the village and receives visitors at his studio on some of the First Saturday weekends organized by the art trail.  
At the moment he is currently exploring new mediums and creating inspiring images in pencil. He continues to be delighted by the beauty of the natural world.


Model Call

October 23, 2023

Thank you for the huge response to our Pure Talent team model call! The call is now complete. We will be offering more services in January.

A Note About Nail Sevices

Update on Our Service Offerings

December, 2022

Dear Satori Family,

A new regulation adopted by the New York State Department of State requires all businesses offering nail services to provide new ventilation to combat the harsh chemicals used in some salons. Although we have only ever offered natural nail services (with very low chemicals), this regulation applies to us as well.

Unfortunately, our salon space will not accommodate the systems that would be required, and we have made the difficult decision to discontinue nail services at the
end of this year (2022). 

We do not currently have a recommendation for a natural nail salon but will let you know if we find a good alternative.

We have turned our attention to new and exciting ways we can use the open spaces in our salon and look forward to sharing new on upcoming events and new services soon.

Thank you for being part of our community.

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Value-Added Gift Certificates EXTENDED!

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