Artist – Sandy Babuka

January, 2024

So, this is what I do. I love to explore and adventure, and live my best life.

My first year as a driver/nature guide in Denali National Park, I experienced a young, sub-adult bear that was shunned (by mom) in early spring – to fend for itself. Bear was about 3 years old. His story of adventure and struggles was much like mine…and so we are writing a book. Someday you will see this book published – “Where’s Backpack Bear.”

Since then (2016), I have “worked” in this 6 million acre National Park and enjoy the cold, rain, snow, slush, smoke, heat, beauty and thrills of everything a natural environment can give us. There is certainly never a dull day. I drive a green bus, not a tan. This just means that it cost less money and I’m not suppose to talk. Well, you’ll have to come to test that theory. I take these photos with my cell phone, not a fancy one, but one that is quick and does the trick as the animals don’t stop and wait for that kodak moment.

Previous to Denali, I had multiple – wonderful jobs. Mostly environmentally focused. I was the second (decades ago) Recycling, Environmental Education, and Solid Waste Director for my County in Pa. I helped write the Environmental Education Program for the state and County.  Today’s recycling programs still have many challenges for lack of understanding. I will never give up the challenge.

From there, I have adventured into many multi-careers, such as: Real Estate, Environmental Science Instructor, Solar and Wind Energy, Career training and Workforce Development, Advertising Director, etc.

My motto has always been “No two days alike,” which just means – never let yourself  be bored. As a child I drew, did oil paintings, and created things. There is so much to do and world to explore, but mostly, to learn about. Doing it first-hand just makes it all sweeter.

I presently live in Brooktondale, NY with my significant other and my kitty, Twigs. My three, wonderful children are all grown up and have shared their children with me. I have 5 awesome grandchildren.